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ActiveBoard Updates

We recently added some minor, but important features to ActiveBoard:

  • Spoiler tags now support content with BBCode
  • Spoiler tags have been added as a blog forum feature
  • Saving an edited post now returns you directly to the post itself
  • Chatbox new post notifications now link directly to the end of the topic

We have additionally added some new improvements to our ActiveBoard spam filter. Members who have reached a certain threshold of approved posts no longer risk having their contributions flagged. Now we can all discuss Ugg boots to our heart's content without the spam bot intrusions!

Spam Filter Added to ActiveBoard

We are pleased to say that our new spam filter has now been officially integrated with ActiveBoard!

Posts and topics that are detected as possible spam will be marked "flagged as spam." Under the "More..." option you can approve or deny these comments, as appropriate. If a spam comment makes it through without being flagged, please use the "Report Spam" option to remove the comment and help our spam filter learn and improve!

This option has been enabled by default, but if you'd like to disable the spam filter please go to:

Administration > Settings > Add-ons

Then, go to the bottom of the page and set Spam Filter to Off.

We hope this new development will help cut down on the spam out there. Happy posting everyone!

New Spamfilter rollout

With the blog rolling out soon from now... the time came to (finally) make a Spamfilter for all Sparklit products.

You can set a link threshold in Administration > Settings > DIscussion; this will automatically flag posts as SPAM.

We are planning to integrate this with all of our other products by the end of July 2010!

EDIT: We've added the spam filter to our Webpoll and Mini Survey Products! Bye Bye Spam!!!

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