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Never Lose Your Work

Automatic saving has become a staple of working electronically. Whether you're writing that important report, an urgent email, or blogging about a topic that's near and dear, you don't want to start over.

We've taken this a step even further, not only adding an autosave feature to BlogBaker, but also a full revision system. Not only can you be sure you won't lose your work if something catastrophic happens, you can also see former versions of your posts and pages, compare them against each other, and update to an older or newer revision at any time. Whenever you see this message appear at the bottom of your post, you know your work is safe:


Started to write a new post and then your browser crashes? Not to worry! BlogBaker will automatically create a draft of unsaved posts as you write. Editing a published post and disaster strikes? No problem! You'll see a message at the top of the page letting you know there's an unsaved revision. You can also view revisions at any time from the bottom of the page:


Once looking at a revision, you can view all of the revisions that exist for the post. Not only that, you can compare what changes were made between them! Text that was removed is shown in red with a strike through it; added text is highlighted in green and underlined:


When your browser crashes or the power goes out, you don't lose what you've been writing by hand. You shouldn't lose what you've been typing either.

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