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Sending Private Messages to a Group

Continuing in the vein of improving the private messaging features on ActiveBoard, we're happy to announce the addition of Group private messaging.


This feature allows the administrator of the forum to send a PM to everyone in a defined group. Need to keep all of your moderators up-to-date with changes on the board? No problem!


Select from the available groups and fire away. :)

Private Message Threading: ActiveBoard

Introducing a new way to keep your private messages organized! We've just added a new viewing option to ActiveBoard that allows you to display messages as threads containing back-and-forth replies, rather than simply viewing each individually.

You can enable this from your user settings on the forum, as in the screenshot below:


Once selected, your private message inbox and outbox will display messages using the new option. Clicking on a thread will load all of the messages between participants. As an example, here is a sample private message inbox:


Threaded, this becomes:


An easy way to cut down on clutter. Enjoy!

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