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Forum Language Translations

While ActiveBoard's default text is in English, it also offers a multitude of translated versions of the language which our clients may use, and even contribute to. In addition to English, the languages supported include: Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Croatian and Greek.

For each supported language, we keep track of a version of the text in that language. Users are encouraged to submit their own translations to individual pieces of the language, or vote existing translations up or down according to their accuracy.

Over time, the translations become more and more complete, and require less attention.

To enable a language on your ActiveBoard, navigate to your Administration Panel and scroll to the bottom. There you will find an option called "Language Set" and a drop-down box consisting of all supported languages.


Select your desired language to view the specific translation details of that language, and then change the "Use Translation" drop-down box to "Yes". Presto, your forum will now be displayed with the selected language. Easy as pie!


Additionally, we give you a little visual cue for what's left to be translated for clarity!~

In this example, 27 pieces of text from the Russian translation still need translating! This is likely due to the addition of new phrases or words to the overall list of translations.

To help contribute to the translations of your language, click on the link below the translation information: "Quickly help everyone by improving the Russian translation." This will take you a page which gives you a random selection of 10 untranslated pieces of text, with the option of translating additional pieces as desired!


Simply click on the Translate button (in Russian, "переведите"), and enter your translation into the text field that appears. Submit your translation (or translations, if you added several), and by the next day they will be active and show up on your forum!

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