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Flickr Integration & Galleries

Now that our galleries feature has launched, see this blog post. We can brag about the cool widget interface.

Check out this koala on my blog! Isn't it cute? I just want to give it a giant hug.


Enough said.

We also rolled out Flickr integration with our galleries. You should totally add your Flickr account to BlogBaker!

1. Go to Administration > Settings > Plugins. Click on��� add_flickr_account.PNG

2. You may be asked to sign into your Yahoo/Flickr account.

3. Authorize the BlogBaker Application. Don't worry, We will only put the photos on your blog when you tell us to.

4. Your Flickr account will now be associated with your blog. Feel free to add your Flickr account to all your BlogBaker blogs!


5. Add the gallery widget to your blog template

6. Select your Flickr username and gallery name

Enjoy all the new BlogBaker features guys! We'll be back next week with more updates. Have a good weekend.

Galleries Next Week!

Next week, my team will be rolling out a new photo gallery feature which will change the way you manage your photos!


Any image you upload (jpg, gif, or png) can be added to one or multiple galleries; You can easily check which photos are in which galleries on the media list page.


A gallery menu option will be added under Media in the blog administration panel. This will allow you to manage all your galleries and create new ones! Aww. isn't the koala cute?



You can easily add an image to multiple galleries by selecting them during the image upload process!



The gallery widget is coming soon! Watch this post for updates

Again, we're very excited to roll out this feature. Having used wordpress for 2 years myself, I never found a good gallery plugin.

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