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Introducing: Sparklit's Green Commitment

Our aforementioned changes have now been implemented. Read more about them on our website!

Greening the Urban Landscape || Going Paperless

As many are aware, Sparklit's primary method of communication with our customers is electronic. Invoices are sent mainly via email. Over the next week, we will be introducing a new approach to encourage our customers to make the switch to electronic communications exclusively and to offset the costs to the environment caused by sending physical mail.

To help reduce our carbon footprint, we will begin charging a small $1.50 fee for every physical piece of mail sent, a fee which will be charged to the recipient's account. All proceeds will be donated directly to Evergreen's Common Grounds Program. This program aims to help sustain green spaces in cities and communities across the country.

Doing our part to protect the environment is an important responsibility we all share. Here at Sparklit, we hope to work together with our customers in this endeavor.

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