Facebook Login

The brand new Facebook Login feature is now available on all ActiveBoards!

Users may now register and login to forums with one click of a button. Current users will be able to link their user accounts with their Facebook accounts while new accounts can be setup with ease.

Users who have registered with their Facebook accounts will have the option to share new topics and replies on their Activity Feed.  When a user is creating a new post or reply, they will see a check box asking them if they would like to post this to Facebook.  Using this option will share the post with their Facebook friends.  This is a great way to give your forum more exposure to draw in more users. 

With the new Facebook Login system came a new user interface.  Bellow I've added a couple screen shots to give you an idea of what you will be seeing.

In this first picture you will notice the Members Login box has been changed and now contains a button to login with Facebook and a login and register link.


The login link will now show a popup which contains all the regular login components as well as a button to login with Facbeook.


There are also various other user interface changes that you will notice while trying out the new system. 

Currently posting to a users activity feed is done through your ActiveBoard domain due to restrictions with the Facebook API.  This means, if you are using a custom domain, the links posted on Facebook will use the ActiveBoard domain. We are currently working on having this support your custom domain.  

To enable Facebook logins visit your Administration Panel.  You'll find the option under 'Settings' -> 'User & Registration' -> 'Enable Facebook Login'

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

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