Custom ActiveBoard Pages

Gold ActiveBoards now have a custom page feature which allows for the creation of fully customizable forum pages!

Use the built in editor to add text, images, videos, and more.  Or make use of the HTML editor to build a page that is entirely your own.

Every page has the option to be publicly available or members only, which requires users to log in to view the page content.  You can even give each page a password to make the content more exclusive!

Give your page its own page slug (url) and link to it from anywhere!

There are no restrictions on the number of pages you can create!

Below is an example page being created:


You can easily manage your pages as well as edit/modify them when need be.  

Pages can be deleted or set to "Draft" which will make them unavailable to the public.  No hunting around for stray links, in order to make pages unavailable, required!

Below is the page management screen which contains our newly create page:


Custom pages have also been integrated into the ActiveBoard Menu Bar for easy access regardless of where you are at in the forum.

Below is our newly finished custom page as seen in the forum:


And thats it!


For gold subscribers, start creating your own custom pages by simply clicking on "Custom Pages" from the home page of your forum Admin Panel.

For non gold subscribers, to start creating your own custom pages you will need to sign up for a Gold ActiveBoard Subscription.  All of the details can be found at

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